The healing magic of honeysuckle.

Sweet Honeysuckle...a flower that's more powerful than it seems. 
The air fills with a sweet, honeyed fragrance as we gather delicate blossoms of Japanese honeysuckle. Originally planted as an ornamental, Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) has become prolific throughout the United States. Although the flowers appear delicate, honeysuckle packs a punch. In Chinese medicine, honeysuckle flowers are classified as sweet & cold, and enter the Lung, Stomach, and Large Intestine meridians. Honeysuckle has a long traditional use for cooling hot and inflamed conditions such as the common cold with symptoms of fever, thirst, and upper respiratory distress.
A recent 2015 study confirms the antibacterial, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, and liver protecting properties of Japanese honeysuckle. In fact, when compared with other commonly seen antibacterial drugs, Lonicera japonica exhibits a broader antimicrobial spectrum, more powerful antibacterial activity, and inhibition of drug-resistant bacteria. That’s a lot of medicine packed into one flower. Of course, this information is for educational purposes only. However, there’s no doubt that nature continuously amazes me.
Honeysuckle’s benefits are most easily extracted in water, which makes it a key ingredient in our PNW Cold Care tea-a seasonal favorite. This tea features garden grown echinacea leaves and petals, Japanese honeysuckle, lymph loving calendula, calming lemon balm, juicy blood orange, and warming ginger. Snag an 8 oz. jar of this comforting tea while they’re still in stock.
Curious about the medicinal uses of Lonicera japonica? Read the pharmacology review via this link.
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