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Coast Elderflower Glycerite

Coast Elderflower Glycerite


-Seasonal Offering-

The coast elderflowers of 2022 have come and gone but their spirit lives on! 

What do fresh elderflowers taste like? Pure, joyous enchantment!

This potent potion features fresh elderflowers from the native trees that hug the lakeside land we tend. A sweet, syrupy, honeyed ode to the fairies and spring on the Oregon coast. This alcohol-free glycerite is a seasonal treat sure to bring a smile to anyone who tastes it. Enjoy on its own or add to your favorite mocktail/cocktail recipes--like a wild, alcohol-free version of St. Germain. Creating this glycerite is a cherished springtime ritual to celebrate the magic and joy of the season. It takes a lot of fresh elderflowers to create this intentional, small batch potion--enjoy and connect to the wisdom and playfulness of this revered plant.

Contains: Fresh coastal elderflowers* (Sambucus racemosa) picked during the height of spring, vegetable glycerine** (derived from non-GMO, organic soy). 

*mindfully foraged, **certified organic

 Packaged in a 2 oz. frosted amber glass bottle with dropper.



Honoring the body. Nourishing the spirit.

Our mission is to support the sacred connection between people and plants. This calling is expressed in the form of seed to bottle, seasonally inspired, plant medicine honoring the wisdom, rhythm, and beauty of Nature. Our offerings are formulated in small batches with garden grown herbs to empower you in your quest for health, healing, and connection.