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Support diversity for the planet, support diversity for the plants, support diversity for the people.

My hands have been shaking all morning. I feel the collective unrest happening around the planet. Clearly I’m not the only one. BIPOC I see you, I support you, I hear you, I love you.

As an herbalist working with people and the land, more and more my eyes are opening to the shadows of trauma. Trauma of the land, trauma of the spirit. Racism and white supremacy perpetuate trauma. I’m no longer going to be silent. I stand for planetary diversity, respect, and equality-therefore I stand in solidarity with BIPOC.
I’m donating plant medicines to grassroots medic clinics who nourish & empower voices of the oppressed. 

Over the next week I am also donating first-aid salve care packages to BIPOC individuals around the country. We are here to support the sacred connection between ALL people + plants. 💛🦋 



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