Rose and Crown Apothecary

Venus Potion


A deliciously calming elixir to ease tension, clear the mind, and help one be present in the moment. CO2 extracted damiana, rose, and mimosa bark work symbiotically to uplift the heart, shed stagnant moods, and help one tap into a heart-centered energetic space.  Cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla bean are deliciously stimulating aphrodisiacs-invigorating circulation and reminding one of their own innate 'spice'.  

The herbs in the blend are also very helpful for those experiencing a racing mind, especially before bedtime. Shake bottle and take 1-3 full dropperfuls before bed and feel your cares melt away.  This calming elixir is a wonderful compliment to our Moon Bathing ritual soak .

Contains: CO2 extract of damiana leaf*, albizia (mimosa) bark*, rose petals*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, and vanilla bean* in brandy and vegetable glycerin*. 

*certified organic/organically grown

Packaged in a 1 oz. frosted amber glass bottle with dropper.

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