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St. John's wort - nerve relief oil


-Seasonal Offering-

A topical oil, created using fresh wildcrafted Saint John's wort blossoms from the summer. This formula makes the best evening body oil to nourish the nervous system and support sleep. For those seeking to support vagal tone or healing from chronic stress, I highly recommend this oil as a supportive tool in your self-care tool kit. Gently massage as a daily ritual over the jaw, neck, shoulders, heart, abdomen, and soles of feet.

Ruled by the Sun, St. John's wort is an herb that let's the light in (just like their perforated leaves). In modern use, this herb is a popular remedy for depression due to lack of sunlight and feelings of isolation & disconnection from the world. We prepare an infused oil of St. John's wort to facilitate the healing of excessive heat due to inflamed nerve tissue and pain.

Commonly referred to as “arnica for the nerves” due to its strong affinity for rejuvenating the nervous system, St. John's wort is a powerful topical ally for discomfort due to injured nerve tissue. Massage daily over affected areas to provide replenishing relief and comfort.  Nourishing our nervous system is so important and in a way is linked to our immune health. When our nervous system is overworked and ‘frayed’ this can cause an increase of cortisol, causing inflammation and suppressing immunity. Think of this oil as a topical tonic for the nervous system...Honestly, who couldn't benefit from that?

To ensure maximum potency we only use the fresh flowering tops of St. John's wort, grown in the garden and harvested by hand on summer solstice. We add a little bit of organic castor oil to help drive the restorative components of this oil deep into the tissue. This photo was taken after only two weeks of infusing...this nourishing oil infused for over six weeks and boasts a deep, dark ruby red color.

Packaged in a 2 oz reusable glass bottle with treatment pump or a 4 oz. glass bottle with lotion pump (save $8 on the larger size).

Contains: Garden grown aerial tops of St. John's wort^ fresh infused into sunflower oil*, with castor oil*,and non-Gmo vitamin E. Formula contains trace amounts of high proof spirits.

*certified organic ^mindfully foraged

 *The statements on this page are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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