Rose and Crown Apothecary

Ghost Pipe~a vibrational essence


Ghost pipe is a gatekeeper for the betwixt and between.  Use this vibrational essence to connect with the unseen realm during times when the veil is thin such as dawn, twilight, midnight, new moon, full moon, and menses.

This enchanted essence reflects a beloved ghost pipe patch that rests on the coastal lakeside land we tend. A translucent saprophyte only found in the deep & dark corners of the forest floor, ghost pipe contains no chlorophyll and derives its nutrients from old growth evergreen roots and mycelium.  Instead of growing towards the light, ghost pipe's flowers bend toward the ground-a hint at the magic they possess. Ghost pipe is an ally for finding comfort in the depths. Use as an aide in cutting cords, releasing negative attachments, and blocks that no longer align with you. 

Please use this essence as a tool for connection & clarity during the wheel of the year when the veil is at its thinnest such as a new/full moon, at twilight, Samhain, and during menses. Gently shake bottle & take 1-4 drops to connect with the magic of ghost pipe.  This is a powerful vibrational essence, starting at a low dose is recommended.

Mantra for this essence: 

You are forever joy, you are forever true

and the dream of this world can never touch you.

Align with your intention

let go of your confusion

arrive at the space that's beyond all illusion.

Contains: Essence of ghost pipe (Monotropa uniflora) preserved in artisanal apple brandy, and forest spring water. Charged under a full harvest moon. 

Packaged in a .50 oz. frosted glass bottle.

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