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Garden Chamomile Hydrosol


Seasonal Offering ~ Limited Quantity

Chamomile continuously reminds me that there is power in being gentle. Profound experiences can evolve from a single shift of perspective. This is part of the magic chamomile shares, softening frayed edges and helping one come back to center. This fragrant mist in an energetic embodiment of fresh chamomile flowers. Use as a soothing facial toner or as a calming and intention-setting ritual mist.

Physical Uses:  Ideal for sensitive skin, excellent for calming eczema. Soothes and eases topical inflammation due to breakouts, bug bites, and minor skin irritations.

Energetic Uses: Coming back to center, offering a fresh perspective, supporting sweet dreams (use as a pillow mist), grounding. 

Distillation is an ancient process used by alchemists to transform a flower's spirit into a liquid form. Our small batch hydrosols are created with intention using fresh plants, filtered spring water and are distilled for an average of 5-7 hours. In this process, heat beckons the plant cells to open and release volatile compounds. These fragrant, therapeutic terpenes combine into stream, then condense, and arrive as a liquid state (hydrosol).  Hydrosols are an aromatic distilled flower essence that carry acids and nutrients unique to the plants being distilled. The results are a lightly fragranced, energetic, and soothing mist that can be used topically as a skincare toner or as a watery way to shift energy. 

Contains: Fresh, organically grown German chamomile blossoms and coastal spring water steam-distilled in our copper alembic still. No essential oils or preservatives are added, keep refrigerated. Created using a high-quality pure copper alembic still (no lead soldering).

Packaged in a 2 oz. frosted amber glass bottle with fine mist atomizer.

Please note: Rose & Crown Apothecary cannot guarantee that customers will not experience skin reactions or effectiveness when using our products and cannot be held responsible should any reactions occur.

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