Rose and Crown Apothecary

Elderflower + Amethyst Flower Essence


Going with the flow~Creativity~Intuition~Finding your magic

Queen of the forest and keeper of boundaries elder attracts reverence wherever she goes. In the warmer months, her branches produce a generous bounty of nectar-rich blossoms. In winter, her energy goes deep into the earth leaving the branches completely bare and hollow. Elder teaches us about the importance of renewal and regeneration. Through the process of growing and releasing leaves, berries, and seeds (and deep rest), we are able to grow to new heights (faster than we ever thought possible.)

In her cycles, elder embodies the goddess. Her abundant white star-shaped flower clusters help to clear & raise our consciousness, thus vibration--radiating our true selves to the world.

The ease of which elder regenerates reminds us, as old things finish, new possibilities always present themselves. Queen elder shows us the wisdom of letting go, slowing down, and finding your magic. 

Use as a tool for engaging intuition, clarity, creativity, and connection. For those seeking ancestral guidance, use this essence to embody the wisdom of an elder. I love using this essence when I'm meditating, writing, or spending time in the garden. Amethyst adds a grounding energy to this essence-helping to open the crown chakra and further allow for creative inspiration to flow.

This essence was infused and activated on Beltane morning, the height of spring energy--the season of growth.

Mantra for this essence. "I Am Magic."

Elder is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, balance, and love. Connect with these comforting energies while using this flower & stone essence.

Contains: Essence of woodland red elderflowers gathered on Beltane, infused with morning sun & full moon energies and activated amethyst stone. Preserved in spring water and brandy.

Packaged in a .50 oz. frosted glass bottle with ritual.

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