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Coastal Amber- foraged resin perfume roller


-Seasonal Offering-

warm earth - tender spring leaves - beeswax - vanilla bean

This amber roller features whole resins of golden shore pine pitch, foraged poplar buds, and vanilla bean resin combined with oak moss, and small batch distilled Western red cedar leaf. The poplar really shines in this blend and is reminiscent of warm earth, vanilla, fresh spring growth, and beeswax. This perfume is free of synthetics and offers a soft fragrance to be enjoyed by you and someone close to you.

Special pricing of $20 through the holidays.

Contains: foraged shore pine pitch^, poplar buds^, vanilla bean*, in sunflower oil*, fractionated coconut oil*, a grounding blend of essential oils*, and non-gmo vitamin E. 

*organic, ^mindfully foraged. Packaged in a 10 ml glass bottle with a stainless steel roller. Do not use if you are allergic to asperin.

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Beautiful natural perfume..smokey, amber-ey scent..I truly love this!

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