Rose and Crown Apothecary

Coast Elderflower~face cream


-Seasonal offering-

An ode to the elderflower lovers. For years, elderflower has absolutely enchanted me and I know that deep love is carried through this offering.  Nectar-rich elderflowers gathered on Beltane offer their profound softness to this antioxidant-rich face cream. Distilled artisanal yarrow essential oil helps tone & balance skin-wonderful for all skin types. This face cream features native red elderflowers gathered on the banks of a coastal lake and transformed into a hydrosol + infused oil. Garden grown lady's mantle flower essence adds an extra note of sweetness & softness. The naturally-derived fragrance honors the unique honeyed aroma of elderflower with surprising chocolate notes from the hydrosol. 

Contains: Gathered red elderflowers*, calendula* and comfrey* infused sunflower oil**, artisanal rose* & elderflower* hydrosol, lady's mantle* flower essence, rosehip seed oil**, pomegranate seed oil**, aloe vera**, coconut oil**, clary sage*, non-gmo vitamin E, and beeswax from local beekeepers.

*garden grown/mindfully foraged, **certified organic

This is a vibrant & enchanted face cream-refrigeration recommended.

Packaged in a 2 oz. frosted glass container.

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