Rose and Crown Apothecary

Chamomile + Mallow ritual face cream


Created with fresh chamomile blossoms from the garden -- this gentle face cream is soft, dreamy, and deeply soothing. Use a pea-sized amount to embody the calming and comforting magic of chamomile.  Ideal for sensitive skin, enjoy daily as a part of your skin care ritual to ease inflammation, soothe redness, and support healing. 

This small batch face cream can only be created when the herbs are fresh and at their peak vibrancy-- truly living alchemy for your skin. We honor traditional herbal and perfumery techniques to create a potent cream with a fresh, herbal fragrance that truly reflects the plant -- no essential oils are added. The pale blue color is naturally derived upon hydro-distillation and is part of the anti-inflammatory *magic* this cream offers.

Ingredients: Garden grown German chamomile* & lavender* flowers infused in sunflower oil*, artisan distilled chamomile* hydrosol, trillium flower essence (no pick method), cold pressed pomegranate* and rosehip* seed oils, coconut oil*, aloe vera gel*, local beeswax from the Willamette valley, and vitamin E. 

*organic/organically grown

Best used within 6-8 months of purchase. 

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