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4 Roots Immune Support


A "go to" when you've been exposed to the crud d'jour or feel the early stages of cold or flu. The herbs in this formula support and strengthen a healthy immune immune response. For acute symptoms, a general dose is 1-3 full droppers, every hour or so and gradually lessen dose to 1/4-1/2 tsp,  3-4 times daily. This formula features fresh extracts of organically grown echinacea purpurea along with echinacea angustifolia, Oregon grape root, and licorice. The prepared tincture of fresh echinacea roots makes this a potent formula that will surely leave your tongue tingly--a sign of a strong echinacea preparation! This formula is 3 oz. and comes packaged in a glass blake bottle with a screw top lid. 

Enjoy more information about the herbs in this formula below.

Contains: echinacea angustifolium*, echinacea purpurea*, Oregon grape root*, and licorice root in brandy. *Organically grown. Not to be used during pregnancy. Please consult your health care practitioner before use if you are taking blood pressure medication.

How can these plants help you?

Echinacea: All summer-long we hear the roaring buzz of bees as they flock to this  garden beauty. Pollinators love echinacea and so do we! Echinacea is prized for its ability to help ward off cold & flu. Part of how it does this is by stimulating white blood cell production and phagocytic activity. Phagocytosis means “to devour” and is an immune response which involves the engulfing and destruction of micro-organisms as well as damaged/old cells and other cellular debris. This is a major way the immune system removes various pathogens, bacteria, and cellular waste. Echinacea also supports upper respiratory & lymphatic health. A staple in any home apothecary.

Oregon Grape:  A native to our coastal landscape, Oregon grape is one of my favorite herbs. It is antiseptic and has a cooling nature which drains stagnant, damp heat in the body. These qualities create an environment which is inhospitable for bacteria and pathogens. Oregon grape also purges the liver, thus helping to purify blood. In Chinese medicine, the liver is considered to be the general of the body, because it directs so many physiological functions (hormone filtering, skin health, elimination, etc).  Oregon grape is an herbal ally that strengthens inner reserves, helping individuals to further step into their power. In our practice we use Oregon grape for hot, infectious conditions in the body. 

Licorice Root: This herb helps to remind us of the sweetness of life. Licorice root nourishes the adrenals, which work overtime-especially during periods of stress. Since stress depletes immune function, it's important to incorporate herbal allies such as licorice to nourish & fortify the body. Licorice is prized for its soothing effect on inflamed mucous membranes including the throat, lungs, stomach, and intestines.  The root soothes sore throats and hoarse coughs.    

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Elizabeth Ann Robbins
Wonder medicine

Potent plant medicine that bolsters the immune system so that one need not get pulled under with illness. Thank you ❤️!

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