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Breathe-Ease Tea


One of our best selling teas, enjoy this comforting blend to promote relaxation & overall respiratory health. We frequently recommend Breathe-ease tea as a gentle daily respiratory tonic. This tea is also effective for individuals living in urban areas or who are affected by seasonal fires & smoke.

Contains: Holy basil*, passionflower*, mullein leaf*, peppermint*, spearmint*, yerba santa**, marshmallow* and licorice root*.

*Organic, **Ethically Wildcrafted. Non-caffeinated. Contains  2.25 oz of tea and approx 15-20 servings.

A bit about the main ingredients...

Mullein: Primarily known as a remedy for respiratory imbalances, mullein tones and soothes mucous membranes while encouraging expectoration. It has a dual drying, clearing, soothing, and moistening action-combined with a slightly aromatic pungency. As a dry, cooling, and pungent herb, it can help disperse edema, sluggish congestion & heat, and its mucilaginous quality can soothe dry, harsh & inflamed conditions. 

 Yerba Santa: An Oregon native, the resinous leaves of yerba santa are naturally antiseptic and help dilate the bronchioles. Therefore yerba santa is useful for situations where there is a cough with poor expectoration. Traditionally used as a powerful decongestant for acute conditions, yerba santa helps to open the lungs and loosen stuck phlegm. Rich in antioxidants, yerba santa aids to strengthen fragile, irritated mucus membranes and is a powerful herbal ally for seasonal allergies.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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