Rose and Crown Apothecary

Elderflower + Amethyst Flower Essence


Queen of the forest and protector of boundaries, elder attracts reverence wherever they grow. In the height of spring, their branches produce a generous bounty of fragrant honeyed blossoms. In winter, elder's energy goes deep into the earth leaving the branches completely bare, brittle, and hollow. The ease of which elder regenerates reminds us, as old things finish, new possibilities always present themselves. Wise elder helps move energetic stagnation that hinders one from embracing new cycles of growth.

Created on Beltane morning, this flower essence features coastal red elder flowers that naturally flourish around our medicine garden. Use as an uplifting tool for engaging intuition, creativity, and connection. For those seeking ancestral guidance, use to channel and embody the wisdom of an elder. Aligning with the crown chakra, amethyst adds a grounding energy to this essence and facilitates clarity and mindfulness. Elder is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, balance, and love. Connect with these comforting energies while enjoying this flower and stone essence.  

Shake bottle and ingest 1-4 drops under the tongue, 1-4 times per day. This essence can also be applied topically onto the third eye. As a calming meditation, gently massage counter-clockwise around this area to acknowledge inner knowing, nourish intuition, and stimulate creative vision. Mantra for this essence. "I Am Magic."

Packaged in a .50 oz. glass bottle and includes a 7 x 5 ritual card. Contains: Essence of woodland red elderflowers gathered on Beltane, infused with morning sun & full moon energies and activated amethyst stone. 

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