Rose and Crown Apothecary

Peace & Calm Distilled Flower Essence


Lovingly crafted in our copper alembic still with fresh flowers tenderly grown on our lakeside garden and distilled on a full harvest moon. Mist your pillow, face, or space to imbue the peaceful, playful, loving energies of these blossoms. 

 During hydro-distillation, heat beckons the plant cells to open and release volatile compounds. These fragrant, therapeutic terpenes combine into stream, then condense, and arrive as a liquid state to create hydrosol. This “flower water” embodies the plant’s fragrance, essence and spirit. 

Contains: Lavender*, Roman chamomile*, heirloom rose*, blue vervain*, skullcap*, yarrow*, rose geranium* in spring water & vodka. 

*organically grown

Packaged in a 2 oz. frosted amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Meet some of the flowers:

Lavender: Renowned medieval herbalist Hildegard von Bingen summarized lavender's essence succinctly saying lavender helps with "maintaining a pure character." The potent purifying properties span the physical & energetic planes, making it no surprise that Lavender's Latin name, lavare, means "to wash". The calming scent of lavender is so energetically purifying, simply smelling the flowers can melt away excess stress and racing thoughts. Lavender helps to transcend muddled thinking and  gain clarity on issues close to the heart.

Rose: Celebrated as "Queen of the Flowers", it's been said rose has the purest, most positive vibration amongst all living things. Simply gazing at a rose blossom and inhaling her sweet and heart-opening fragrance can lift the spirit, clear the mind, and remind us to be our truest, and most authentic self. The universal symbol of love, flower essence of rose helps to uplift one's vibrations, awareness, and heart energy. Her generous medicine beckons us to rediscover our love of life and open ourselves joy and warmth. 

Yarrow: Protector & keeper of boundaries. Yarrow is famously named after Achilles because he used this herb to heal battle wounds. Strengthening the physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries, yarrow helps keep the inside in and the outside out. An herbal ally for those moments when a little armor is needed. Use yarrow hydrosol to create sacred space, allowing for recouperation, regeneration, and growth.

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