Rose and Crown Apothecary

Forest Bathing~Ritual Soak


A comforting blend with notes of coast pine, winter poplar, amber, and fresh cedar.

Bring the forest indoors with this centering blend of mineral-rich salts, mindfully foraged cedar tips, coastal pine resin, winter poplar, and a grounding blend of artisan distilled resins & essential oils.

Aromas of soothing pine, fir, poplar, and frankincense help to release tension, calm the mind, and ground the spirit. Sprinkle into a full-body soak or foot-bath to promote deep relaxation

Contains: Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), Himalayan pink sea salt, Dead Sea salt, mindfully foraged red cedar & fir tips, fallen pine resin & winter poplar bud infused sunflower oil*, and a grounding blend of artisan distilled resins* and essential oils*.

*organic/organicallly grown

Packaged in a 16 oz. glass container

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