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Cold & Flu First Aid


A "must have" for any medicine cabinet, use this to prevent or treat cold & flu. The herbs in this formula support immune and upper respiratory health-especially against viruses. Take 1-3 droppers every 2-3 hours and decrease dosage when symptoms lessen.

Contains: Black elderberry**, wild cherry bark**, echinacea purpurea**, echinacea angustifolia root**, fresh ginger*, tangerine peel*, brandy & vegetable glycerin*.  

**organically grown, *certified organic

Packaged in a 2 oz. blue glass dropper bottle.

Not to be used during pregnancy. 

A bit about the main ingredients...

Elderberry: Long referred to as "the People's medicine chest", elderberries have a long history of use against upper respiratory infections & influenza.  Elderberry is shown to inhibit a virus’ ability to penetrate healthy cell walls, which stops its ability to replicate, thus helping to shorten flu duration. We take it at least once daily this time of year and also a second dose if we're headed out to a public event. If symptoms start to develop, we increase the dose to every two or three hours.

Echinacea: All summer-long we hear the roaring buzz of bees as they flock to this  garden beauty. Pollinators love echinacea and so do we! Echinacea is prized for its ability to help ward off cold & flu. Part of how it does this is by stimulating white blood cell production and phagocytic activity. Phagocytosis means “to devour” and is an immune response which involves the engulfing and destruction of micro-organisms as well as damaged/old cells and other cellular debris. This is a major way the immune system removes various pathogens, bacteria, and cellular waste.  Echinacea also supports upper respiratory & lymphatic health. A staple in any home apothecary.

Wild Cherry Bark: Is a cough keeping you up at night? Cherry bark to the rescue! Wild cherry’s popular use is as a remedy for coughs and opening the lower respiratory system. Its calming qualities are helpful for easing the cough reflex and soothing irritating coughs. Cherry bark is a great remedy for respiratory infections when there is excess mucus, coughing, and constricted airways that make breathing feel heavy and difficult. Due to its toning, sedative, antispasmodic, and bronchodilator actions, it dries mucus, increases expectoration, eases coughing, and opens the airways. Since it is a member of the rose family, it is not surprising that cherry bark helps to calm the heart and ease irregularities, such as palpitations. 

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Cold & Flu First Aid

Cold & Flu First Aid