Rose and Crown Apothecary

Blue Vervain~flower essence


It’s said the Celts harvested vervain during the in-between time, when neither the moon or sun shone in the sky. This offers a clue to vervain's magic, aiding clarity during times of the in-between, crossroads, or unknown.

Vervain's purple flowers mirror the crown chakra, helping to offer a fresh and heightened perspective. Blue vervain helps to release "congestive", or stagnant thinking--revealing space for creativity & inspiration. During hectic times when new energies and situations are emerging, when isn't a clearer, calmer mind welcomed?

Use this flower essence as a tool for tapping into creativity & divine wisdom.

Contains: Essence of garden grown blue vervain flowers and fluorite stone essence charged on the new moon. Preserved in forest spring water and artisanal apple brandy.

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