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Baje Thibodeaux | Licensed Esthetician

Curious About Skincare Services?

As a licensed esthetician, Baje Thibodeaux provides esthetic skincare treatments using a blend of professional performance products and handcrafted Rose & Crown Apothecary small batch botanical oils, serums, hydrosols and luxurious creams. All skincare treatments include a heated bed, facial acupressure, flower essence infusion, gemstone therapy and jade roller massage -- creating a uniquely relaxing and restorative experience. Professional esthetic skincare services help to center the mind & body, reminding oneself of the importance of appreciating your self-worth.

Your skin has been with you from day one -- not only protecting you from the invisible pathogens of the outside world but also serving as the medium with which you interact with everything around you. The skin, or integumentary system, is a complex organ that deserves the attention we give to our other important organs and systems. Love your skin and it will love you back. 

"Every session is personalized to your specific skincare needs. I will help you face the world with peace and beauty!" ~ Baje

A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin look healthier and even younger. You also receive advice on the best way to take care of your skin between treatments. Facials can help clear clogged pores, quench parched skin and remove dead cells. Facials involve massage techniques that aid in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

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20/20 Hybrid-Facial

Inspired by the year 2020! This hybrid facial service allows you to keep your mask on while receiving a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that relieves eye strain and overall stress. Sink into a heated bed and unwind with an acupressure eye massage followed by an ear cleaning and ear seeds placement. A spritz of energetically healing hydrosol sends you on your way. ~30 minutes, $49

Welcome Facial

The best place to start -- a customized facial experience that lets me meet you and your skin for the first time. Relax in a warm, safe space designed for ultimate rejuvenation and healing. Service includes far-infrared foot lamp, stone roller & acupressure massage, and hand-made Rose & Crown body products applied to hands and arms. ~60 minutes, $99

Lasting Peace Facial

Everything the Welcome Facial provides with the addition of extra massage techniques on the scalp and neck, and a therapeutic acupressure procedure that stays with you for days: ear seeds! Following the facial treatment, I gently cleanse and massage the ears to stimulate points. I then place the ear seeds in accordance with the top acu-points used by acupuncturists around the world. Continue to wear seeds as long as is comfortable or up to 5 days. ~90 minutes, $119

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Natural Makeup Services

Welcome to the realm of natural makeup with beauty brand Jane Iredale! Get color matched for your perfect foundation shade and finish, or go all out with a full face that radiates your inner personality outward to the world. Complimentary color matching, full face mini makeover $29. 

Hair Removal & Body Care Services

Experience sweet smoothness! Using all-natural sugar paste, tree resin hard wax, or honey soft wax, unwanted hair is removed by the root. Body care services are a great compliment to hair removal, acting as a "facial" for almost anywhere on the body. Price varies by area -- call or email for details or to schedule. 

These services are provided in the tranquil spa-like treatment space at Rose & Crown Apothecary on the beautiful Oregon coast.

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