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Riverbank~ritual perfume balm
Riverbank~ritual perfume balm

Riverbank~ritual perfume balm


-Seasonal Offering-

This ritual perfume transports you to a coastal riverside filled with warm poplar breezes, old growth evergreens, wildflowers, and ripe berries.

Created sustainably from the plants themselves, this balm shares with you the energy of our beloved coastal forests. Gathered resins of fallen coast pine, spring poplar, yarrow, blackberry, native blueberries, red cedar, and vanilla share their heavenly aroma in this natural, small-batch, foraged perfume. Use on pulse points or as an anointing balm for the body, mind, spirit. This is a love letter to the magic of the forest. A true encapsulation of our riverside home.

Contains: A collection of gathered resins, buds, berries, & flowers encapsulated in coconut oil* infused sunflower oil*, & beeswax from local beekeepers and St. John's wort flower essence.
* certified organic

Packaged in a 2 oz. screw-top tin.


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Riverbank~ritual perfume balm

Riverbank~ritual perfume balm


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